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About Us

Farming Magazine is published seasonally (quarterly) in Holmes County, Ohio, U.S.A. by Friends of the Agrarians, Box 85, Mt. Hope, Ohio 44660. We emphasize practical articles that strive to educate farmers about ways to increase profitability, about how a farmer uses ecologically sound farming practices and how farmers think creatively about farming in the 21st century. We aim to offer attractive alternatives to low-profit, high-tech farming. We are interested in publishing a wide range of useful and practical information. The best Farming Magazine articles will combine experience, wisdom and science.

Our focus is on the full-time farmer, however we also have many readers who are serious part-time farmers and others who have an interest in preserving the small family farm as a viable way of life. We like to hear about ways the entire family, or even members of a community, get involved in the farm operation.

We want your articles and ideas.

Types of articles we publish.

Write about the real farm life of today. We want to hear about interesting and innovative ways farmers operate to make a profit. How do today's small farmers manage crops and livestock? We like to hear about farmers who process and market their own products including interesting or unusual commodities but no articles about exotic animals, please.

Farm home articles emphasize the farm kitchen including gardening, cooking with, and preserving homegrown foods. New ideas for flower and herb gardens and recipes featuring seasonal produce are welcome, as are human interest articles featuring cooks and gardeners and hobbyists. Submit these with black and white and/or color photos. We believe entertainment, humor, philosophy, and poetry are important to today's farm families and welcome submissions in these categories, but avoid sentimental and nostalgic writing. Rather, we emphasize the real world of farm life today. poetry should reflect elements of nature and human nature. Poetry does not have to rhyme.

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Hints & Tips

Pieces in Farming Magazine range in length from 300 words to approximately 1800 words. We welcome black & white and/or color illustrations. Attach a notepaper to the photo using removable tape or a sticky note to describe the photo. Do not write on the back of photos. Include a one or two-sentence biographical statement about yourself, the writer. This will be used at the end of the article. We do not use professional titles of writers, such as PhD but like to know how you are connected to farm life.

Study Farming Magazine articles and submit articles that are written in a style similar to those you've read. Use natural, but interesting language. Write using concrete nouns and active verbs. Emphasize short sentences, but vary the length to create and hold interest. Avoid writing in passive voice. Keep adverbs and adjectives to the minimum needed to convey your ideas. Simple words are often better. Pay attention to transitions between paragraphs. These keep the reader moving through the material and help them absorb the ideas of your article. Some Farming Magazine articles may use scientific terms, but they should not sound academic.

To learn more about how to write in the style we prefer, read classic books on writing such as "Elements of Style" by Strunk and White or "On Writing Well" by William Zinsser.

Payment & Policy

Farming Magazine strives to pay fairly for large articles and photos. We provide complimentary copies for our writers. Farming Magazine accepts no responsibility for the return of unsolicited manuscripts that are not accompanied by an SASE.



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